Episode 39: Citizenship For Paradise (w/ Jova Lynne)

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doubly and triply well today. The world has gone crazy and I am wishing that everyone is making it through this difficult time. China seems to be doing okay and my school was thinking of starting back up by the end of the month, but then I got an update for overseas staff to remain on standby. Many Asian countries are now preventing the Western world from entering in a strange reversal of border control as the virus has spread out west. I will most likely spend the rest of spring and early summer remaining in the US before flying back out to China. I will most likely be quarantined upon my arrival, which I am not looking forward to but is also probably the right thing for the government to do. This is a striking difference to the approach I am seeing in the US, which seems to be leaderless and unable to make a decision about how to do anything in this time of crisis.


In light of all the terrible things and distruptions happening in the world, I am trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy and try to keep releasing episodes. For today, I picked out a really fun episode I did with artist and curator, Jova Lynne. I met Jova while at Vermont Studio Center in January…which seems so long ago and long before most of us had even heard about the Coronavirus. Jova graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA before heading to Detroit to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Afterwards, Jova became a Ford Curatorial Fellow at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit before continuing to work there as a curator ever since. Jova has the most wonderful energies to be around and we laugh our way through the interview. We talk about white fragility, learning where to feel powerful, and our thoughts on happiness and success in the art world. We also spend a bit of time discussing Jova’s intersection of work as both an artist and curator. I hope everyone stays safe and I hope you enjoy this.

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