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Seeing Color came from a desire to broaden the scope of art discussions, from a perspective that art cannot always be distinct from the race of its author, from a wanting for a critical analysis aware of and critical towards the white canon, for a wish that my younger self could have heard and learned from these conversations, and for a hope that such an exploration may lead to a path forward through a sea of whiteness.

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Zhiwan Cheung was born in Long Beach, CA to Chinese immigrants. After a brief stint as a child actor in Reading Rainbow, Zhiwan found himself making art. In using site and place as material, Zhiwan often probes individual identity and the borders of the self in relation to the external natural world. Though the use of time-based works (performances, storytelling, and videos) with constantly shifting associations, Zhiwan strives for several perspectives, signs, and spaces to co-exist in both contrasting and unfamiliar ways.

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