Episode 38: No Such Thing As Postcolonial (w/ Rhea Ramjohn)

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is well. Not much new is going on with me. I’ve been just slowly adjusting my sleep schedule and teaching my students using video conferencing through the Zoom app. I had to adjust a few assignments to fit with the new format of my courses, but otherwise, it seems to be going well. I saw a wonderful performance by Dell Marie Hamilton at the Hood Museum of Art, which is the local art museum. And I made a quick trip to New York City for Armory week, where I got to catch up with a few friends and saw some art. Overall, I’m just trying to stay busy.

Anyway, for today, I am interviewing Rhea Ramjohn, a writer, podcaster, and vernacular curator from Trinidad via Boston and Berlin. I met Rhea in Berlin while I was there last year and got to interview her shortly before I left for China. I met Rhea through Nine Yamamoto-Masson, who I interviewed on Episode 16. I kept running into Rhea at different meetups and events around Berlin. As I slowly got to know her, I became interested in all the various ways and strategies that Rhea works. For instance, Rhea is the founder of the empowerment group WA(i)VE, is the creator and host of Berlin’s monthly art event series Tell it! Tuesdays, and the co-host of The Poetic Groove Show. Rhea also runs two podcasts, Tanti Table and Hormonal, although at the time of the recording, Hormonal had not yet started. In this short but wonderful conversation, Rhea and I chat about the nuances in sustainability, getting over the fear of starting a podcast, and various modes of storytelling. I hope you enjoy this.

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