Episode 82: Recovering From Zombie Formalism (w/ May Maylisa Cat)

Photo credit: Tojofotos

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. The winter holidays are almost upon us and here’s hoping for a better new year. The news about Covid and all the variants doesn’t seem to end so stay safe wherever you are. For this week, I have May Maylisa Cat, a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans video, paintings, glass, and live performances. May grew up in Chicago and graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. Her work plays a critical role on the dominant discourses towards the community, the fantasy of the cultural “Other,” and how contemporary art appropriated social imaginaries, bringing them to a diluted universal conception of art. I spoke with May while she was finishing up a residency at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh a few months ago, the city I used to live in. We ended up discussing third-culture kids, Zombie Formalism, Thai horror films, mukbang, ASMR videos, and so much more. As usual, stay safe, stay healthy, and I hope you enjoy this.

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