Episode 69: Welcoming The Unfolding (w/ Dr. Jeffreen M. Hayes)

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well wherever you are. I just started my virtual residency at Rogers Art Loft, where I will be interviewing local Las Vegas artists and cultural workers. There will be a few live events, so I’ll post them as they come about. Stay tuned!

But for today, I have a really special episode with Dr. Jeffreen M. Hayes, a trained art historian and curator who advocates for racial inclusion, equity, and access. Jeffreen has extensive curatorial experience and some of her projects include SILOS, Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman, AFRICOBRA: Messages to the People, and Embracing the Lens: BlackFlorida project. Jeffreen is also the Executive Director of Threewalls, a space that intentionally develops artistic platforms with artists to help manifest the organization’s vision of art connecting segregated communities, people and experiences together.

In this episode, Jeffreen was extremely generous with her time and labor as she talks about her journey through different arts organizations, from challenging racists institutions to welcoming the unfolding of the unknown. We also talk about how representation by itself is not enough, allowing for vulnerable moments, the importance of black-centered organizations, and defunding museums. Jeffreen hits so many key points more eloquently than I could ever do and I am excited to share our conversation with you. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and I hope you enjoy this.

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