Episode 54: Two Years Anniversary #3 (w/ Carol Zou)

Hey y’all. I hope your week is going well. This is the last episode where I revisit a previous guest to cap off my two year anniversary of this podcast. Sometimes, I wonder who I am celebrating this with and who is listening, but for those of you out there, I hope this is bringing some moments of joy. Anyway, I talked with Tereneh Idia and Justin Favela for the past two episodes and you can check those out as well if you missed them. For this week, I have my good friend, Carol Zou, someone who I have known for over a decade. Carol’s work facilitates creative social change projects with a focus on racial justice, informal labor, and public space. Informing a lot of Carol’s work is the belief that we are most free when we help others get free. I was able to catch up with Carol late at night and we talk over some drinks through zoom, which the sound quality leaves much to be desired. I did my best to clean it up, but hopefully you can bare with it. Our chat is informal, which is to say a bit all over the place, and we discuss motorcycles, being rooted in place, Chinese congee recipes, and how to spend your time at art residencies. I hope you enjoy this.

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