Episode 52: Two Years Anniversary #1 (w/ Tereneh Idia)

Hey everyone. I hope you are well. The news is going more crazy with each passing day, although I think we have a new definition for the words karma and irony in relation to the current US state of affairs. I finally got my mail-in-ballet, which I quickly filled out and dropped off at my local town hall, so that is out of the way. I did get information about my returning to China, although it is a national Chinese holiday this week so everyone is on vacation and the instructions for renewing work visas are still very unclear. So more waiting around, as has been the case for everyone.

But for today I am doing something different to celebrate the fact that somehow I have been doing this podcast for 2 years. So for the next three episodes, which I will be releasing every week as opposed to bi-weekly, I will be revisiting three special guests from earlier episodes. For this week’s episode, I will be chatting with Tereneh Idia, who I first talked to in Episode 8, which I will link in the show notes. As a quick overview, Tereneh was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is an internationally based fashion designer and founder of Idia’Dega. She also has a bi-weekly column for the Pittsburgh City Paper, which she recently won a Golden Quill award for Excellence in Written Journalism. This podcast had its most concrete beginnings in Pittsburgh and I thought it would be good to be able to chat with Tereneh about recent events in relationship to Pittsburgh, a city which I hold close to my heart. We also talk about some of current events, zoom meetings, protests, monuments, and so much more. Again, thank you to everyone who continues to listen to my rambling thoughts and I hope you enjoy this.

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