Episode 2: There Are Black People In The Future (w/ Alisha Wormsley)

On this episode, I sit down with Alisha Wormsley, an artist based in Pittsburgh who creates photos, sculpture, sound, and time-based work based on collective memory and the synchronicity of time periods. I first came to know of Alisha through her Homewood Residency program, but more recently Alisha gained attention for one of her text-based work.

To give a bit of background, Alisha was invited to exhibit a text for The Last Billboard, a project founded by the artist Jon Rubin who offered a rotating cast of artists a chance to present text on a billboard. The billboard resides in East Liberty, a quickly gentrifying neighborhood with new neighbors that include Google and freshly constructed apartment complexes and condos. Alisha presented the text, “There Are Black People In The Future.” People from the neighborhood complained and the property’s landlord removed the text. I’ve attached a Hyperallergic link below with more information.

I caught up with Alisha right after she finished teaching a class and we get into the origins of the text, her decision to go to grad school, and future plans. The sound quality isn’t the best, so I must apologize for that. I hope you still enjoy this.

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