[Bonus] Art People Pod

Hello everyone. It has been a while and I hope everyone is taking care of themselves properly this winter season. I feel bad having taken such a long break but I had been traveling quite a bit and then my computer needed some fixing. Everything is now up and running. I’ve been in Vermont the past month for a residency and it has quite productive. In spite of Vermont being overwhelmingly filled with Sallys and Beckys, I did meet a wonderful group of POC artists and writers. We bounded over not anything in particular, but as one writers described our group, we were drawn to each other kind of like a collective unconscious that was already there. Shout out to Cindy for that beautiful sentence.

Anyway, I’ve been spending my time here reading, meditating, shooting a new video, and interviewing people here. I also got to give a talk in Portland, Maine about my work and the podcast. Shout out to everyone who came to see me talk and I was glad I could share my work there. I did some studio visits and met with a documentary studies class that asked me some great questions about that caused me to reflect about my podcast in new ways. I will begin releasing more episodes in two weeks. But for today, I will publish an interview I did on another podcast, Art People Pod, with Justin Favela. You may have remembered Justin from my very first episode. Justin was the person who originally inspired me to begin a podcast and I thought releasing him interviewing me for his podcast would be a good interim before starting back up again. This episode was originally recorded while Justin visited me in Berlin. We chat about artist residencies, podcasting, race, and so much more. I hope you enjoy this.

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