Episode 34: Movies and Zines (w/ Sophia Zarders)

Photo credit: Sophia Zarders

Hey everyone. Another two weeks has gone by and a new episode is here for you. I don’t have too much new going on at the moment. Next week I’ll be going on a trip to Xi’an with my Chinese class. I’m excited to see the Terracotta Army there and try northern Chinese food. I applied to a few residencies around China for the summer and I’m hoping to be able to continue to travel while making art. I’ll keep you updated.

For today, I am interviewing Sophia Zarders, an illustrator, comic artist, and educator from Long Beach, California. Their illustrations have been published in The Nation, Socialist Review, Shameless Magazine, and other independent publications. They graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration and they currently work as a freelance artist and an art instructor for adults with disabilities.

Sophia was one of the first artists I met and hung out with when I arrived in Berlin in 2018. I recorded this a year ago, so a few things we talk are clearly not up to date, such as our favorite summer movies. But overall, as I listened through it, our conversation had a relaxing feel as we discuss roller coasters, comics, and 2018’s summer movies. I hope you enjoy it.

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