Episode 22: I’ve Made It As A Pornstar At Least (w/ Tsohil Bhatia)

Hey everyone. I hope you are enjoying the coming of summer. Everyone here in Berlin seems so much more happy biking around and drinking beers along the canal, as opposed to their usual grumpy German self. The sun has been rising earlier each day, and I keep waking up at 6am with the sun. But besides that, everything is fine and dandy. Before we move on to the show, I want give a quick shoutout to Frances Cathryn for donating to this podcast through Paypal. She’s the very first one! I can’t stress how much that meant. So again, thank you Frances. You can follow her on instagram @wip_projects

For today, I got to interview Tsohil Bhatia, an artist from India who is currently in his final year at Carnegie Mellon’s MFA program. Tsohil and I did not fully overlap while there, but the art community is small and our circles intersected quite a bit. Through some fortuitous chance this past month, I ran into Tsohil at an opening in Berlin. We hung out a bit after and he excitedly agreed to be part of this non-white space podcast. It was great to get to learn more about Tsohil through our conversations and we talk a lot about the ghost of a body, cleaning as artwork, making ice cream, and the poetic act of doing nothing. I really enjoyed chatting with Tsohil and am looking forward to what he will do in the future. With that, I hope you enjoy this.

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