Episode 17: We Have To Want More For Ourselves (w/ Staycee Pearl)

On this episode, I biked over to Staycee Pearl’s house to record this wonderful conversation. Staycee is the co-artistic director of PearlArts Studios and STAYCEE PEARL dance project, where she creates dance-centered multimedia works with her husband and creative partner, Herman Pearl. Since then, the studio has produced several works including OCTAVIA, ABBEY: In the Red, and FLOWERZ. Staycee is also passionate about sharing resources and creating opportunities by initiating arts-community programs such as the PearlDiving Movement Residency and the In The Studio Series. Over the course of an hour, we exchanged ideas about collaboration, body image in dance, preventing boredom in one’s creativity, and finding happiness. There was a dog barking periodically next door, so I apologize for the random dog sounds.

Also, next week on April 12-13th, Staycee will be presenting sym, an evening-length dance work in Pittsburgh at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. sym is a deeply atmospheric dance and sound experience inspired by “Fledgling,” a novel by African American Sci-Fi writer Octavia Butler. The work explores Butler’s mysterious universe of vampires and humans to examine symbiosis, gender identity and race as it relates to contemporary culture. Staycee is also hosting pearlPRESENTS, a 6-day line-up of performances and movement classes with dance artists from Pittsburgh and NYC. If you are in Pittsburgh, please go and show your support. I’ve added links to the show notes for more information. In any case, I hope you enjoy this.

***sym was commissioned by the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

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