Episode 15: It’s More Than a Name (w/ Ching-chu Hu)

On this episode, I hung out with Ching-chu Hu, a musician, composer, and dad of four beautiful children. I first met Ching-chu in Wyoming, through the Brush Creek Art Residency. Born in Iowa City, Ching-chu grew up in a predominately white area and we bonded over our shared experience of growing up as Chinese-American. Ching-chu studied music at Yale University, followed by a Masters at the University of Iowa and a PhD at the University of Michigan. Currently, Ching-chu is a professor and Chair of Music at Denison University. While in Wyoming, Ching-chu was so kind as to help me film one of my videos with me in a dinosaur costume running around the vast open fields. After getting to know Ching-chu for a month, I knew I wanted to interview him and was excited that he agreed. Ching-chu was quite fascinated with the history of my name, so we spent quite some time talking naming, along with notions of authenticity, who gets to appropriate what, Asian representation, and the age old question of “Where are you from?” I hope you enjoy this.

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