Episode 14: So Many Micro-Aggressions (w/ Njaimeh Njie)

On this episode, I spoke with Njaimeh Njie, a photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia producer. Njaimeh grew up in Pittsburgh before heading to Washington University in St. Louis to earn a B.A. in Film and Media studies. Njaimeh describes her primary focus as documenting the everyday experiences of groups whose experiences are misrepresented and erased. She recently won the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts’ Emerging Artist award and has her own video production company, Eleven Stanley Productions. I first saw Njaimeh’s Power(ed) by Grace videos and reached out to learn more about her and her work. We talk about abstraction, Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman, and thinking about how to exist in white spaces. This interview is short and sweet, so I hope you enjoy it.

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