Episode 6: They Can Sure Enough Pronounce My Name (w/ Kilolo Luckett)

Photo credit: Kilolo Luckett

Hey everyone and welcome back. For this episode, I meet up with Kilolo Luckett, an art historian, writer, cultural producer, and curator. She also works as the arts commissioner for the city of Pittsburgh and is the curator for the August Wilson Center. With over twenty years of experience in the arts, culture and community and economic development fields, she is committed to making art and culture more accessible. This past summer, I sat down with Kilolo to chat. Just before the recording, we were both caught in a sudden heavy rainstorm, but everything turned out okay as we discussed Adrian Piper, the pronunciation of non-white names, and the white lens. Kilolo’s most recent show, Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities., just opened at the August Wilson Center and runs through until March 24th, 2019. The exhibition is beautiful, so please go and check out the show. I had so much fun talking with Kilolo and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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